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Prediction: Iowa State 27 Kansas State 19

Posted by isuisu on October 27, 2006

Iowa State Offense vs Kansas State Defense / Kansas State Offense vs Iowa State Defense
Iowa State Special Forces vs Kansas State Special Teams / Overall Breakdown
Overall Breakdown:
Iowa State Cyclones

Kansas State Wildcats
  27 Scott’s Prediction


Iowa State Offense vs. Kansas State Defense

I look for the Cyclones to finally break out of their offensive slump and put up some big numbers on the Kansas State defense. Iowa State has played from behind all year long, so it will be important for the offense to start fast. If the Cyclones win the toss they they need to take the ball and set the tone early. ISU should take some shots deep to Todd Blythe, Austin Flynn and Jon Davis to test Andrew Erker who is replacing Watts at FS.
Slight Advantage:

Kansas State Offense vs. Iowa State Defense

It is tough to predict what is going to happen when the KSU offense lines up against the ISU defense Saturday. The Cyclone defense has been bullied by the best offenses in the conference (Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Texas Tech) and the Kansas State offense has stuggled to get anything going since Big 12 play began. The Cyclones best bet is to stop the run and make the turnover-prone true-freshman beat them. A defense that has struggled to force turnovers should be able to get a few takeaways against the Wildcats.
Slight Advantage:

Iowa State Special Forces vs. Kansas State Special Teams

The Kansas State special teams have scored 5 touchdowns this season and have scored a TD in three of the Wildcats four wins. KSU blocked a punt and returned a kick for a touchdown in their only Big 12 win of the year, 31-27 over Oklahoma State. Iowa State had a touchdown on a punt return by Ryan Baum earlier this year. Kansas State has had a punt and a field goal blocked, they also allowed a punt return for a touchdown. The Cyclones can not afford to give up a big play on special teams this week.
Slight Advantage:

Iowa State Cyclones vs. Kansas State Wildcats

Turnover Margin
Iowa State: minus 3
Kansas State: minus 2

ISU finally gets the offense going against a secondary that will be without their best player and leader S Marcus Watts. The defense will be happy to see a KSU offense that has averaged only 309 yards per game. The Wildcats have really struggled on offense since Josh Freeman took over four weeks ago. But, the game will be determined by special teams. KSU is 3-0 when they score on ST. If Kansas State scores on special teams, Kansas State wins. If Iowa State can keep the Wildcats out of the endzone on special teams, Iowa State wins. The ISU special forces have been the strength of the team the last three weeks and I think that will continue on Saturday.

Keep the faith!

Go Cyclones!

Overall – Slight Advantage:


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Posted by isuisu on October 24, 2006

Here are the year-by-year records for Dan McCarney(DM), Jim Walden(JW) and Jim Criner(JC).

1. JC 4-7 / JW 3-8 / DM 3-8
2. JC 2-7-2 / JW 5-6 / DM 2-9
3. JC 5-6 / JW 6-5 / DM 1-10
4. JC 6-5 / JW 4-6-1 / DM 3-8
5. JW 3-7-1 / DM 4-7
6. JW 4-7 / DM 9-3
7. JW 3-8 / DM 7-5
8. JW 0-10-1 / DM 7-7
9. DM 2-10
10. DM 7-5
11. DM 7-5

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McCarney vs Walden

Posted by isuisu on October 24, 2006

There has been alot of talk lately about McCarney having a worse in-conference record then Jim Walden.  I thought it would be more accurate to compare apples to apples.

Here is a breakdown of how Jim Walden and Dan McCarney compare in conference games against the same competition. I think you have to throw out the Texas schools, because Walden never played them.

Jim Walden
Kansas State 4-4
Nebraska 1-7
Colorado 0-8
Kansas 3-4-1
Missouri 4-4
Oklahoma 1-7
Oklahoma State 2-4-2

Total: 15-38-3 ( .268 )

Dan McCarney
Kansas State 2-9
Nebraska 2-10
Colorado 2-9
Kansas 5-6
Missouri 6-5
Oklahoma 0-6
Oklahoma State 4-3

Total: 21-48 ( .304 )

If you are in the camp that Mac needed time to rebuild the program. Here are the stats over the last seven years, throwing out the first five years.

Kansas State 2-4
Nebraska 2-5
Colorado 2-4
Kansas 4-2
Missouri 3-3
Oklahoma 0-3
Oklahoma State 3-1

Total: 16-22 ( .421 )

Draw your own conclusions.

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Iowa State Football Official Visits (October 21, 2006)

Posted by isuisu on October 24, 2006

Iowa State had two juco cornerbacks from Navarro Community College (Texas) in for official visits this past weekend.

S Patrick Resby – Four Stars, interest from Utah, Louisville, Kansas, TCU

and CB Dustin Calhoun

Navarro is 5-3 on the season

S #49 Patrick Resby 6-2, 195 lbs (8 games played)

2006 stats: 42 solo, 25 assists, 67 total tackles, 3 FF, 1 interception

CB #23 Dustin Calhoun 6-0, 180 lbs (6 games played)
2006 stats: 33 solo, 12 assists, 45 total tackles, 5 interceptions, 1 TD

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Move Your Feet, Lose Your Seat

Posted by isuisu on October 19, 2006


The following story will appear in the next issue of the Iowa Sports Connection.

Move Your Feet, Lose Your Seatred

Back when I was going to school at Iowa State, if you moved your feet at a football game, you didn’t lose your seat, you just ended up in somebody else’s empty seat. Ah, yes, the ‘Die-Hard’ days.

In those years (1993-1997), the football team had records of 3-8-0, 0-10-1, 3-8-0 and 2-9-0. That’s an 8-35-1 record. Talk about miserable. Fortunately I was there to witness this debacle weekend after weekend. If not, I don’t know if I would believe it.

I remember after every game, all I could think was 1. Where’s the after game party and 2. Did anyone in the athletic department even care that our football team was the laughing stock of the country? It didn’t seem like it.

Especially my first two years.

The team was really bad, but the crowds were just as bad too, if not worse. Granted there were some games, such as Iowa & Northern Iowa, where the bleachers would resemble a large high school crowd, but those turnouts were few and far between. I remember most games you could have your pick of seats.

So, it was time for a change.

macDan McCarney was hired, Troy Davis was plucked from the bench to become our superstar and what do you know, the crowds started to grow. At first I was a little upset…”Now that we’re winning a few games, all these people want to come in and sit in the seat (their seat), that I had been enjoying for the previous two years. Bandwagon jumpers, fair-weather fans…”

After I had passed out, then woke back up again, I realized that in order to reach the next level as a team, we needed to reach that next level as a crowd and as fans as well. I also realized that our team was still pretty bad. Our offense would score 24 points per game on average, but our defense allowed 37 points per.

So when people started coming back to watch the not-so-mighty Cyclones, it was a good thing. People once again had hope. Davis’ rushing abilities helped feed that. The few more wins helped feed that.

Mostly though, I think people believed and had faith in Dan. I know I did. Listening to him talk would make me feel like, “Hey, somebody does care. This guy wants to be at Iowa State. He wants to put a winning program together.”

All aboard.

Dan brought courage, determination, and a love for everything Iowa State, that people just couldn’t resist. It was contagious. We finally felt like there was somebody on our side. Somebody who would fight the fight every Saturday and enjoy the good times with us and use the negatives to get better if things didn’t work out as originally planned.

10-plus years later, Dan is still about everything Iowa State. But if you move your feet at a game these days, you will lose your seat. Back-to-back home attendance records will attest to that. You see, there is more help in town in the form of Jamie Pollard. More hope goldtoo. Dan did the heavy lifting, Jamie’s here to tone and shape.

So when we look up and see Jack Trice Stadium filled to the rim, let’s not forget where it all started. It was the hard work and dedication of a coach who, in 1995, took over a team that had finished as the second worst team in the entire NCAA by virtue of our one tie.

Did a lot more wins and bowl games come immediately? Nope. But, the thing that did change was the attitude of the football team and the attitude of the fans.

I used to get upset when more fans showed up to the game. Now I welcome them all with open arms.

I used to get mad at the team when they lost, but not anymore. I feel the pain right along with them.

I, as a fan, am part of this team. Dan tells me so. The attendance at our games tells me other people feel like they are part of this team as well.

But with all that Dan brought to the table back then, the most important thing to most fans then – and now – is wins and losses. When you add wins, you add fans. When you add bowl games, you add fans. It’s just the nature of the fan. Even great programs with great traditions lose fans when they’re not winning. It’s all in the company you keep. Winners are winners. Losers are losers.

In the first few home games this year, the Iowa State fans have shown they are ready to take this program to an even higher level. But what if we lose a few more games? Will the huge crowds dwindle? My guess is, in order to keep the Jack packed to the max, the ‘Clones need to continue putting a winning team on the field.

If that doesn’t happen…well, I guess the die-hards will have their pick of seats again.



P.S. We’ll see you at the game!

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I think…

Posted by isuisu on October 17, 2006

ryankockI think… Iowa State needs to have a more smashmouth approach to the running game. I would love to see Iowa State line up in I-formation with Ryan Kock at FB and Jason Scales at RB and pound the ball. The best running play that the Cyclones had against Oklahoma was the 4th and 1 that Jason Scales picked up 3 yards on. The offensive line blew the Sooners defensive line off the ball, Ryan Kock got a good block and Scales shot through the hole. Ryan Kock shows the sense of urgency on every play that I would like to see from the rest of the offense.

The QB draws and RB delays out of shotgun formation requires our offensive lineman to hold their blocks for 2-3 seconds for the play to work. There were 5 running plays that resulted in negative yardage last Saturday. This leaves 2nd and long and 3rd and long and makes it much easier on the opponents to defend.

I think…that it is imperative that Iowa State sign at least 3 juco offensive lineman in this recruiting class. The Cyclones will only return two players on the offensive line (OG Tom Schmeling and OG Reggie Stephens) that have played significant minutes this season. The fact that nobody else is ready to play has me worried. Does this starting lineup excite you?

OT – John Tjaden, OG-Reggie Stephens, C-Bastian Schober, OG-Tom Schmeling, OT- Lee Tibbs


I think…Josh Johnson needs to get on the field if he is now ineligible for a redshirt. It would be a shame if he lost an entire year of eligibility for one carry in the second game of the year.

I think…that Deandre Jackson was one of the best cornerbacks in Iowa State history. It is truly a shame that Deandre Jackson tore his ACL this past weekend. I can’t believe his career as a Cyclone is over, his four years at Iowa State really flew by. Best wishes to Deandre on a speedy recovery and a long career in the NFL.

milanI think…my favorite moment of the Oklahoma game was Milan Moses first reception of the year in the fourth quarter. Milan has battled all the way back from Crohns disease and is back to 100%.

I think…Brent “Big Play” Curvey has been an absolute warrior these last two weeks. The improvement of Ahtyba Rubin has freed up Curveball to be the playmaker he was in previous years. He is really going to be missed next season.

abI think…Alvin Bowen and Tyrone McKenzie are the two most talented linebackers that I have seen at Iowa State. It seems like they are in on every tackle. Jon Banks has also impressed me at SAM. The team will be stacked at linebacker next season. Fred Garrin will have had a year in the system and Carper and Raven will be back from ACL injuries.

I think…there is a good chance that Kris Means will be the starting fullback for the Cyclones next season. With the linebacker position in good hands, it would make sense to move Means to fullback next season. Kris was a standout fullback in high school rushing for over 1,200 yards in his junior and senior seasons.


I think…it will be an exciting day when James Smith and Jason Harris are the starting safeties.
Who knows it might even be this week.


I think…Texas will beat Nebraska by at least two touchdowns.
Nebraska is a much improved team, but the Longhorns have a different level of talent then any team in the Big 12 North.

I don’t think…a guy that is fresh out of a half-way house for cocaine trafficking should be a celebrity. If apyou are going to have Nelson Peterson as a guest commentator at least explain to the public why this is the first time he has seen his son play since 1998. He had spent about eight years in federal prison for money laundering.

I don’t think…that Adrian Peterson should have been in the game with Oklahoma leading 27-9 with 7 minutes remaining in the game. Instead of boosting his Heisman chances, it eliminated him from the competition. It is a shame too, he was one of the best college running backs I have ever seen.jh

I don’t think…it should come as a huge surprise that Iowa lost to Indiana.
Iowa is not a top 25 team. I am still trying to figure out how Iowa ends up in the top 25 each preseason. The Hawks were a 7-5 team last season. They lost six of their best players from a year ago Abdul Hodge, Chad Greenway, Antwan Allen, Jovon Johnson, Ed Hinkel and Clinton Solomon, but somehow Mark May thinks they are going to be the national champions. What am I missing?

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Photos of Juco Visitors (October 7th)

Posted by isuisu on October 13, 2006

Here are photos of all the juco visitors at last weekends football game:


Jamicah Bass is a verbal commitment.  He chose Iowa State over offers from Arizona, NC State and Oregon.  He has rushed 49 times for 297 yards and 5 TD this season at El Camino CC in California. is reporting that CB Da’milyn Tanner has also verbally committed to play at Iowa State.  He  is a teammate of Bass at El Camino.  Tanner had 6 interceptions in 2005 and has 3 interceptions in only 3 games this season.   He is  rated the #38 juco prospect in the nation by

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Iowa State at Oklahoma (Game Preview and Prediction)

Posted by isuisu on October 12, 2006

Overall Breakdown:
Iowa State Cyclones

Oklahoma Sooners
17 Scott’s Prediction



Iowa State Offense vs. Oklahoma Defense

ISU has a talented offense and there is no excuse for how they have played this season. Iowa State should be able to have success on offense against the Sooners. It is time to show a sense of urgency and some testicular fortitude and go out and dominate. It seems like the Cyclones are often intimidated by the name on the jersey of the guy across from them. Oklahoma has a good defense, but Iowa State is better on offense. I am still giving Oklahoma the advantage as I am tired of waiting for Iowa State to break out on offense each week.
Slight Advantage:

Oklahoma Offense vs. Iowa State Defense

Iowa State needs to make Oklahoma one dimensional. Adrian Peterson is going to get his yards, force him to earn those yards. Stopping the passing game is more important in this game. I would heat Thompson up and hope he makes mistakes. It would be a good idea to stay in front of the receivers this week as Oklahoma is averaging 15 yards/ reception. The Cyclones defense showed signs of life last week in the second half, forcing five straight Nebraska punts. Can they put together a four quarter effort this week?
Heavy Advantage:

Iowa State Special Forces vs. Oklahoma Special Teams

It doesn’t look good for Iowa State when breaking down the teams special teams units. The silver lining for the Cyclones is that they were solid last week against Nebraska. It seems like the punt return team makes a big play every week, it is time for another unit to step up this week. Iowa State has been very good at blocking kicks the past two seasons, but they haven’t blocked any all year. Oklahoma did have a punt blocked earlier this year.
Slight Advantage:

Iowa State Cyclones vs. Oklahoma Sooners

Turnover Margin
Iowa State: minus 1
Oklahoma: minus 3

The offense that was supposed to be one of the most prolific in school history has averaged 19 points in regulation this season. Enough is Enough.
I don’t even care if the offense scores a boatload of points, I just want them to give me an effort that I can be proud of. Show the fans you care. The offense was going to carry a young defense this year, it hasn’t happened. The defense and special teams played well enough to win last week, but the offense didn’t do its part. I think the defense and special teams will play better than expected this weekend and give the Cyclones an opportunity for a victory again this week, but can the offense score points? Until they prove otherwise, I say no.
Heavy Advantage:

A full breakdown can be found on www.isuisu.comIowa State – Oklahoma Game Breakdown

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Cyclone Gridiron Club Flags

Posted by isuisu on October 11, 2006

I picked a Cyclone Gridiron Club flag up on Saturday and they are awesome. What is even better is that I helped the Cyclone football program by purchasing the flag.  Here is a photo of the flag.

Are you ready to show your Cyclone Gridiron Club pride? The CGC is pleased to now offer a flag to fly high and proud at your home or over your tailgate. The photo shows an example of the flag which is 3′ x 5′ and has 2 grommets that are sewn in. The cost of the flag is $40 and they can be purchased at the Gridiron Club tailgate starting this Saturday. The flags can also be shipped for a $5 charge. Please email Todd Smothers at for more information or to reserve a flag. Thanks and GO CYCLONES!!

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Jamicah Bass Photo

Posted by isuisu on October 10, 2006

RB Jamicah Bass was in Ames last weekend for the Nebraska game.   Here is a photo of Jamicah at the game:

Jamicah Bass Photo

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