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Iowa State Football Coaching Search

Posted by isuisu on November 21, 2006

Here are my top 15 choices to be the new head coach at Iowa State.

1. Gary Patterson – Head Coach (TCU)

Gary Patterson Bio

2006 record: (8-2) (4-2) MWC Background: DC TCU, DC New Mexico, Defense
2. Steve Kragthorpe – Head Coach (Tulsa)

Steve Kragthorpe Bio

2006 record: (7-4) (4-3)CUSA Background: OC Texas A&M, QB Coach Buffalo
Bills, Offense
3. Gene Chizik – Assistant Head Coach / DC (Texas)

Gene Chizik Bio

2006: 24th rated defense nationally Background: Auburn DC, Central Florida
DC, Defense
4. Bo Pelini – Defensive Coordinator (LSU)

Bo Pelini Bio

2006: Top rated defense nationally Background: Oklahoma DC, Nebraska DC,
5. Mark Dantonio – Head Coach (Cincinnati)

Mark Dantonio Bio

2006 record: (6-5) (3-3) Big East Background: DC Ohio State, Secondary Michigan
St, Defense
6. Brian Kelly – Head Coach (Central Michigan)

Brian Kelly Bio

2006 record: (7-4) (6-1) MAC Background: HC Grand Valley State, Balanced
7. Art Briles – Head Coach (Houston)

Art Briles Bio

2006 record: (9-3) (7-1) CUSA Background: Texas Tech RB, Offense
8. Phil Bennett – Head Coach (SMU)

Phil Bennett Bio

2006 record: (6-5) (4-3) CUSA Background: DC Kansas State, DC Texas A&M,
9. Frank Solich – Head Coach (Ohio)

Frank Solich Bio

2006 record: (8-3) (6-1) MAC Background: HC Nebraska, RB Nebraska, Offense
10. Jim Harbaugh – Head Coach (San Diego)

Jim Harbaugh Bio

2006 record: (10-0) (7-0) Pioneer Background: Offensive Consultant Western
Kentucky, Offense
11. Paul Chryst – Offensive Coordinator (Wisconsin)

Paul Chryst Bio

2006: 26th ranked offense Background: OC Oregon State, TE San Diego Chargers,
12. Jay Norvell – OC (Nebraska)

Jay Norvell Bio

2006: 9th rated offense nationally Background: Tight Ends Raiders, ISU QB’s
and WR’s, Offense
13. Steve Loney – OL Coach (Arizona Cardinals)

Steve Loney Bio

2006: ranked last in rushing offense Background: OC/OL Minnesota Vikings,
OC/OL ISU, Offense
14. Mike Price – Head Coach (UTEP)

Mike Price Bio

2006 record: (5-6) (3-4) CUSA Background: HC Washington State, Offense
15. Tim Brewster – TE Coach (Denver Broncos)

Tim Brewster Bio

Background: TE Coach Chargers, TE Coach (Texas, UNC), Offense

6 Responses to “Iowa State Football Coaching Search”

  1. You might have to amend this list: I just got a report that Mark Mangino ate Gene Chizik for Thanksgiving.

  2. Dan Reding said

    I am on Team Loney, except for this year at Arizona, everything he has done in college or the NFL for the past 10 years has been at the top of his respective league. Take a look at his bio, his credentials are outstanding and he is one of us, a 1973 graduate of ISU and has stated the Cyclone job is his dream job.

    Don’t hold the Arizona job against him, this is his first year on that job and their is more to that problem including Denny Greenes employment at the end of the year.

    My question of the coaching search is why Steve Loney apparently is not even getting a sniff at this job?

  3. Can you tell me who’s the best coach of them all?

  4. isualum said

    I just think it is funny that my ISU is looking for a new football coach as well. Idaho State Univeristy.

  5. isuisu said

    I listed the coaching choices in the order of how I like them.

    I think Gary Patterson is the full package.

    He has the WOW factor that will help sell season tickets and the $130 million dollar facility plan
    He is a great coach (coach of the year in two conferences)
    He is a great recruiter (he has great connections in Texas)
    His wife is from Ames so he may be willing to settle down in Iowa
    He will be able to hire quality assistant coaches

  6. LL said

    I have a great suggestion to be ISU’s coach. Greg Davis, the Texas offensive co-ordinator. In fact, I bet you could get Texas Exes to pony up mucho dinero to take this guy off our hands. Oh yeah, you’ll have to tell him that Vince Young is not his QB any more. Obviously, he hasn’t figured that out at Texas.


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