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McCarney vs Walden

Posted by isuisu on October 24, 2006

There has been alot of talk lately about McCarney having a worse in-conference record then Jim Walden.  I thought it would be more accurate to compare apples to apples.

Here is a breakdown of how Jim Walden and Dan McCarney compare in conference games against the same competition. I think you have to throw out the Texas schools, because Walden never played them.

Jim Walden
Kansas State 4-4
Nebraska 1-7
Colorado 0-8
Kansas 3-4-1
Missouri 4-4
Oklahoma 1-7
Oklahoma State 2-4-2

Total: 15-38-3 ( .268 )

Dan McCarney
Kansas State 2-9
Nebraska 2-10
Colorado 2-9
Kansas 5-6
Missouri 6-5
Oklahoma 0-6
Oklahoma State 4-3

Total: 21-48 ( .304 )

If you are in the camp that Mac needed time to rebuild the program. Here are the stats over the last seven years, throwing out the first five years.

Kansas State 2-4
Nebraska 2-5
Colorado 2-4
Kansas 4-2
Missouri 3-3
Oklahoma 0-3
Oklahoma State 3-1

Total: 16-22 ( .421 )

Draw your own conclusions.


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