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Iowa State at Oklahoma (Game Preview and Prediction)

Posted by isuisu on October 12, 2006

Overall Breakdown:
Iowa State Cyclones

Oklahoma Sooners
17 Scott’s Prediction



Iowa State Offense vs. Oklahoma Defense

ISU has a talented offense and there is no excuse for how they have played this season. Iowa State should be able to have success on offense against the Sooners. It is time to show a sense of urgency and some testicular fortitude and go out and dominate. It seems like the Cyclones are often intimidated by the name on the jersey of the guy across from them. Oklahoma has a good defense, but Iowa State is better on offense. I am still giving Oklahoma the advantage as I am tired of waiting for Iowa State to break out on offense each week.
Slight Advantage:

Oklahoma Offense vs. Iowa State Defense

Iowa State needs to make Oklahoma one dimensional. Adrian Peterson is going to get his yards, force him to earn those yards. Stopping the passing game is more important in this game. I would heat Thompson up and hope he makes mistakes. It would be a good idea to stay in front of the receivers this week as Oklahoma is averaging 15 yards/ reception. The Cyclones defense showed signs of life last week in the second half, forcing five straight Nebraska punts. Can they put together a four quarter effort this week?
Heavy Advantage:

Iowa State Special Forces vs. Oklahoma Special Teams

It doesn’t look good for Iowa State when breaking down the teams special teams units. The silver lining for the Cyclones is that they were solid last week against Nebraska. It seems like the punt return team makes a big play every week, it is time for another unit to step up this week. Iowa State has been very good at blocking kicks the past two seasons, but they haven’t blocked any all year. Oklahoma did have a punt blocked earlier this year.
Slight Advantage:

Iowa State Cyclones vs. Oklahoma Sooners

Turnover Margin
Iowa State: minus 1
Oklahoma: minus 3

The offense that was supposed to be one of the most prolific in school history has averaged 19 points in regulation this season. Enough is Enough.
I don’t even care if the offense scores a boatload of points, I just want them to give me an effort that I can be proud of. Show the fans you care. The offense was going to carry a young defense this year, it hasn’t happened. The defense and special teams played well enough to win last week, but the offense didn’t do its part. I think the defense and special teams will play better than expected this weekend and give the Cyclones an opportunity for a victory again this week, but can the offense score points? Until they prove otherwise, I say no.
Heavy Advantage:

A full breakdown can be found on www.isuisu.comIowa State – Oklahoma Game Breakdown


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