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Greater Des Moines Cyclone Club Luncheon Notes – 10/06/06

Posted by isuisu on October 6, 2006

First Scott and I would like to thank GDMCC for another great luncheon. The food was great, so was Mac and best of all I won one of the raffle prizes…so thank you! Also, thanks for mentioning the site to everyone and we look forward to a growing relationship with your club going forward.

Now to the nitty, gritty on the ‘Clones!

After sitting in his car for about 10 minutes finishing up some things with ABC (and tryingCoach Mac to explain to Dan Fouts why Ames, Iowa is God’s Country), Mac walked in, thanked everyone for coming and proceeded to tell a dog joke. He then read a life lesson story he had written in his notes. The gist of the story was ‘to not go through life so fast that someone needs to hit you with a brick for you to realize what is really important’.

It was very uplifting and he said he gave a copy to Adam Carper. In case some of you haven’t heard, Adam tore his ACL in practice this week and will be out for the year. Jon Banks, who was just replaced in the starting lineup by Steve Johnson, will now take Carper’s spot.

Carper and Josh Griebahn each lost a grandparent this week, so our prayers go out to them. Griebahn got another shot of bad news when he was demoted to second string kick-off guy after last week’s not-so-stellar performance against UNI. Shaggy has assumed those duties, although JG is listed as #1 on the depth chart and Mac said they would re-assess before kick-off tomorrow.

I mentioned earlier that Dan had been talking with Dan Fouts. It’s Fouts’ first visit to Iowa so if you see him, make him feel at home.

There will be 8 official visits this weekend (5 from CA, 2 from MS and 1 from TX). There are also 40-50 unofficial visits.

Mac said this was the most physical week (Tuesday, Wednesday) of practice so far this year and in quite a long time. Said there is a great attitude with the team and they’re focused and ready to take care of their business this weekend. Mac asked us if we wanted to be part of history on Saturday night…said that’s what he’s been asking his players all week as well.

1896 – last time Iowa State beat Nebraska three times in a row at home.

32 players individually sat down with Mac this week. Mac said he wanted to get a feel from each player on what were some of the things that may be contributing to the sub-par performances this year. In case any of you are wondering, Mac isn’t close to being satisfied with how this team is playing and is continually challenging them to get better both physically and mentally. Some stories I read would make you think different.

That being said there wasn’t anything he could put his finger on with the team and thought everything seemed to be in order with team dynamics and the whole team atmosphere. Lack of concentration and the ability to play consistant are the things this team has been lacking thus far and hopefully they will show marked improvement in that category on Saturday.

The defense needs to get pressure on Zac Taylor and collapse the pocket. Mac didn’t expound on how they planned to do that, but said it was very important to their success against Nebraska.

Also said not to expect a 16-10 game. He predicted a high scoring, edge of your seat, barn burner.

Said the teams match up well and it’s going to come down to who wants it more, who’s tougher, who can oppose their will on the other…need the great players to play great, the good players to play better than good and the average players play better than average to get a W.

James Smith had surgery on his ankle to replace the existing screw. He won’t play against the ‘Huskers and he hopes to be back on the field in 1-2 weeks.

Stevie Johnson will get his first start as a Cyclone. He’s a good, physical tackler and Mac said he’s been in Stevie’s ear all week about how this could be the game that eventually gives him the title – 4 year career starter.

Sage RosenfelsSage Rosenfels of the Houston Texans, has a bye on Sunday, so he’ll be back in Ames for the big game on Saturday night. He’ll be introduced at halftime, so stick around to see that and give him a big welcome back to Ames. Mac will also have Sage talk with the players, as he has done with so many other returning illumni.

When asked about the players from last year’s recruiting class who are standing out, Mac mentioned Bailey Johnson, Alexander Robinson, Devin McDowell and Austen Arnaud.

Mac said a questionnaire was sent around to teams to get their feelings on the new clock rules. Without going into detail, Mac said the new system probably wouldn’t win a popularity contest right now.

Well, that’s it for now.


P.S. If you’ve never attended a Greater Des Moines Cyclone Club luncheon, I encourage you to do so. The notes I put here don’t compare to seeing and hearing it straight from the Coaches mouth. See details about upcoming Cyclones events at their website – Greater Des Moines Cyclone Club.

Note: Sage photo courtesy of Houston Texans Sage Rosenfels profile.


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  1. I need to attend it now and I never been there before.

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