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Iowa State @ Texas Prediction

Posted by isuisu on September 20, 2006

Iowa State Offense vs.Texas Defense

It is tough to find a weakness in the Texas defense and the Cyclones offense has yet to hit their stride. Iowa State likes to be balanced on offense, but the Longhorns are going to make that very tough on the Cyclones. Texas has made their opponents one dimensional by completely shutting down the running game. The Clones best bet is to go with four wideouts and stretch out the Longhorns defense. Todd Blythe is the playmaker for the Cyclones and Iowa State needs to find a way to get him touches. ISU will struggle to get the ball to Blythe again this week and the Longhorns defense will be too much for the inconsistent Cyclone Offense.

Advantage: TEXAS

Texas Offense vs. Iowa State Defense

Colt McCoy - Texas QBIowa State has been tough to run against this season, but they haven’t faced a team with a massive offensive line and two talented running backs like Texas. Iowa State will try to make the Longhorns one dimensional by stacking the box and forcing them to throw. If they can stop the run, the Cyclones may be able to hang around in this game. If Texas can run the ball effectively, which I suspect they will, the Cyclones will be in big trouble. Texas will have an advantage late in the game as they are big and deep on the offensive line and Iowa State is young and thin in the front seven. I expect Colt McCoy to have the best game of his young career.

Advantage: TEXAS

Iowa State Special Forces vs. Texas Special Teams

Texas has the advantage in Special Teams as well, in fact you could argue that Texas has the advantage in all phases of special teams. A big return could come from the Cyclones kick return team or the Texas punt return team.

Advantage: TEXAS

Iowa State Cyclones vs. Texas Longhorns

It is going to take a near perfect game from Iowa State and a poor performance by Texas for ISU to even have a chance in this game. Turnovers are the great equalizer, if the Cyclones are plus 2 or 3 in the turnover battle their chances for an upset increase exponentially. Texas is too talented and too deep and will win this game comfortably. I expect Colt McCoy to have a great game against the Cyclones inexperienced secondary.

Prediction: Texas 37   Iowa State 17

Click here for a full breakdown of the Iowa State Cyclones at Texas Longhorns game.


2 Responses to “Iowa State @ Texas Prediction”

  1. Vote said

    Fuller, nut up – pick the Clones!!
    Cave Rules……………………

  2. isuisu said

    Nice! I didn’t get around to picking this game as I was in Jersey that week and weekend. An ESPN radio announcer gave the 16-0 score and called it a game about 5 minutes in. When ISU made it 16-14, he said he wasn’t worried and they would still win by 20+. I guess he knows the ‘Clones. How’s Badger country?

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