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Congratulations Iowa

Posted by isuisu on September 16, 2006

Iowa Wins!  Crap...Congratulations to Iowa, I felt like both teams played well and as I expected the teams were evenly matched.  In my opinion the difference in the game were the halftime adjustments that Iowa made.  ISU had no trouble moving the ball up and down the field through three quarters and then the Hawkeyes completely shut down the passing game after that point.  On offense Iowa exploited the Cyclones secondary by spreading the ball to wide receivers, tight ends and running backs.  Iowa needed some young guys to step up and they really did.  Dominique Douglas and Andy Brodell had their best games as Hawkeyes and Tony Moeaki made a huge play on a touchdown catch.

A moron (Lou Holtz) questioned Mac’s decision to go for it on 4th and 10 late in the fourth quarter, but I actually agreed with Dan’s decision.  Meyer has to know where he is on the field and make sure he gets the ball past the first down marker.  The decision that I have a problem with was at the end of the first half.  ISU should have went for a score at the end of the first half.  There was over a minute on the clock and ISU had all three timeouts.  Iowa hadn’t slowed down the Clones all day long but Mac still decided to run out the clock.  Dan needs to show some confidence the offense, I think that decision took some wind out of the Cyclones sails.

Iowa State’s offensive line played a tremendous game, the Cyclones rushed 36 times for 170 yards.  Bret Meyer and Stevie Hicks both ran with the ball effectively and it was great to see Jason Scales get some quality carries and do a good job.  The defensive line also played really well holding Albert Young to 57 yards on 18 carries.  ISU also won the turnover battle and the kickoff team did a much better job today.  It was great seeing Griebahn get a couple kicks in the end zone.

I am happy for Mike Klinkenborg.  He played a great game today after the rough week he has had. 

Side note:  Directv just about lost a customer today.  I didn’t get the game until there was 3:00 minutes left in the first quarter.  The excuse they gave us when we called was that the game was blacked out due to the ticket sales.  Are you freaking kidding me?  This game was sold out before it was ever put on sale.


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  1. year2 said

    That was a great game. ISU was just unfortunate that Drew Tate came back since he is that entire Hawkeye team. Minus Tate, the Cyclones win by 20. Great effort by State though, almost still coming out with it.

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