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ISU vs Iowa (Game Prediction)

Posted by isuisu on September 14, 2006

ISU vs Iowa (Game Prediction)

Walter Nickel to the rescue...This game is evenly matched and will be decided by turnovers. I think the Cyclones will get one more than the Hawkeyes and that will be the difference. Iowa State will find itself in an unusual postion in the fourth quarter, playing from behind. The Cyclones will get the ball with four minutes to go in the game and Iowa leading by 4. ISU will march down the field, and when everyone is expecting the ball to go to Blythe, Meyer will hit Walter Nickel in the end zone for the winning touchdown. It is still a Cyclone State!


Check out my full breakdown on the game and prediction:

Iowa State vs. Iowa Breakdown


2 Responses to “ISU vs Iowa (Game Prediction)”

  1. Keep dreamin buddy!

  2. isuisu said

    Your argument is profound, maybe I should rethink my prediction.

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