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ISU vs Iowa (Position by Position)

Posted by isuisu on September 13, 2006

The oddsmakers have Iowa as 13.5 point favorite in the game on Saturday.  That spread is absolutely ridiculous to anyone who knows anything about these two teams.  I have watched both games these teams have played and I really think these two teams are pretty even.  Let’s see how they breakdown position-by-position and see if this spread makes any sense.  I am only going to include players that are likely to play on Saturday.


Quarterbacks – ISU (Meyer) vs Iowa (Tate/Manson)

Advantage: ISU

Comments:  If Tate was healthy I would have it even, but Tate is not 100%.

Running Backs – ISU (Hicks/Johnson/Scales/Kock) vs Iowa (Young/Sims/Busch/Davis)

Advantage: Iowa

Comments: Iowa has a stable of Running Backs, I think Sims has looked more explosive then Young.

Tight Ends – ISU (Nickel/Barkema) vs Iowa (Chandler/Moeaki/Majerus)

Advantage: Even

Comments:  There will be several good tight ends in Iowa City on Saturday.

Wide Receivers – ISU (Blythe/Davis/Flynn/Sumrall/Hamilton) vs Iowa (Grigsby/Davis/Brodell/Douglas)

Advantage: ISU

Comments: The Cyclones have the three best receivers on the field.

Offensive Line – ISU (S Fisher/Brant/Zehr/Schmeling/Stephenson/P Fisher/Stephens) vs Iowa (Richardson/Jones/Eubanks/Elgin/Yanda/Olsen)

Advantage: Even

Comments: ISU and Iowa both have a good mix of veterans and talented youngsters on the line.

Overall Offense – ISU vs Iowa

Advantage: Slight Advantage Iowa State

Comments: ISU has a huge advantage at WR and Iowa has a big advantage at RB.  The rest of the positions are fairly even.  With Tate not quite 100% I will give ISU a slight advantage.


Defensive Ends – ISU (Parker/Moorehead/Dale) vs Iowa (Iwebema/Mattison/Kanellis)

Advantage: Iowa

Comments:  I give Iowa the edge because they are deeper.  Parker and Moorehead usually play the entire game while Iowa can rotate.

Defensive Line – ISU (Curvey/Frere/Rubin/Braaksma) vs Iowa (King/Kroul/Ewen/Bain)

Advantage: Even

Comments: Curvey and King are standout players, both teams have decent depth.

Linebackers – ISU (Carper/Bowen/McKenzie) vs Iowa (Humpal/Klinkenborg/Miles)

Advantage: Even

Comments: If Klinkenborg doesn’t play, I would give Iowa State a slight advantage.  My thoughts and prayers are with the Klinkenborg family.

Cornerbacks – ISU (Jackson/Singleton/Johnson) vs Iowa (Shada/Godfrey/Fletcher)

Advantage: ISU

Comments: Deandre Jackson tips the scales in favor of Iowa State.

Safeties – ISU (Banks/Berg) vs. Iowa (Paschal/Merrick)

Advantage: Iowa

Comments:  Paschal was laying the wood last Saturday.

Overall Defense – ISU vs. Iowa

Advantage: Slight Edge to Iowa

Comments:  Iowa has huge advantage at safety with Paschal and Merrick.  ISU will need big games from their defensive stars (Curvey and Jackson) to even out the advantage.


Kicker – ISU (Culbertson/Griebahn) vs Iowa (Schlicher/Signor)

Advantage: Iowa

Comments: I think Shaggy and Schlicher are pretty even but ISU has been poor on kickoffs and coverage.

Punter – ISU (Brandtner) vs Iowa (Fenstermaker)

Advantage: Iowa

Comments: Fenstermaker is an experienced Senior and Brandtner will be playing his first collegiate road game.

Return Units – (PR Baum / KR Jackson/Flynn/Williams) vs Iowa (PR Brodell / KR Greene/Sims)

Advantage: ISU

Comments: Baum has been awesome on PR and Jackson was one of the best KR in the Big 12 last year.

Overall Special Teams – ISU vs Iowa

Advantage: Iowa

Comments: This is an area that Iowa State will need to improve on this week if they are going to beat Iowa.  The Cyclone special teams have made too many mistakes the last two weeks.

OVERALL – I would give Iowa a slight advantage for two reasons: home field advantage and special teams.  The X factor will be turnovers.  If ISU can win the turnover battle then they have a good shot at winning this game. 

This breakdown was fun to do but Bret Meyer and Drew Tate won’t be lining up across from one another.  A more accurate way to breakdown the game is to do it position group vs position group.  I will have a full breakdown on by the end of the night (Wednesday).  Click on Cyclone Update – ISU @ Iowa for the full story.


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