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ISU Needs to Play 4 Quarters

Posted by isuisu on September 12, 2006

Every game Iowa State players and coaches hold up four fingers symbolizing that they own the fourth quarter.  When are we going to actually see it on the field?

Iowa State was dominating the Rebels through three quarters.  Need proof?

Fourth Quarter Dominance, huh?Score: Iowa State 16 UNLV 3
First Downs: Iowa State 17 UNLV 8
Rushing Yards: Iowa State 132 UNLV 40
Passing Yards: Iowa State 195 UNLV 119
Total Yards: Iowa State 327 UNLV 159

What happened in the fourth quarter?

UNLV outscored Iowa State 7-0
UNLV outgained Iowa State 133-13
UNLV had 27 offensive plays Iowa State had 3
UNLV had 9 first downs Iowa State had 0
Time of possession UNLV 9:43 – Iowa State 5:17

I am sure the coaches have pointed these statistics out to the players.  If Iowa State is going to beat Iowa this week they are going to need to play all four quarters.


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