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I Hate the New NCAA Clock Rules

Posted by isuisu on September 11, 2006

I hate the new clock rules in the NCAA. How many of you agree with me? Did anyone else feel like the game against UNLV was only three quarters long?

Why do you try to fix something that isn’t broken? I really hope that this
rule gets changed ASAP. I know it probably isn’t going to happen this year,
but the rules better be changed for next season.

If you want to shorten the games there are several better ways to do it, for example there currently is a 20 minute halftime break, shorten that to 15 minutes. Another way would be to put a two minute time limit on all reviewed plays. They can even keep starting the clock on kickoffs, but they have to do away with starting the clock on change of possession.

The one thing that makes me feel good about getting the rules changed back:
Mack Brown hates the new rules and what Texas wants, Texas gets.


3 Responses to “I Hate the New NCAA Clock Rules”

  1. Rob said

    The rules are absolutely ridiculous. Why mess with something when it’s probably only the TV people complaining? Probably a dumb question.

    Typical NCAA to try to take the excitement out of the game for a few extra nickels in the short term.

  2. plow said

    The rules help a team like ISU that has traditionally had a lack of depth. While I agree that the games seem to fly by too fast, I don’t care because it helps the Clones.

    Against teams like Texas, who go really deep, we might have a fighting chance.

  3. O'D said

    I totally agree, especially with your point on starting the clock on change of possession. It used to be that a team going on D with all their timeouts left could stop the clock after 1st, 2nd, and 3rd downs, and get the ball back without using too much time. Now that opportunity is substantially nullified when the clock starts on the possession change before the team even snaps the ball on first down. Totally stupid, and will probably ruin some potentially exciting comeback opportunuties.

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