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ISU -Toledo (Post Game Thoughts – 1 Week Later)

Posted by isuisu on September 7, 2006

I posted earlier that my initial thoughts were that ISU lacked “Killer Instinct” in their game against Toledo last Thursday.  I still feel that way, but there were way too many positive things that happened in the game for me to dwell on that one thing.  Now that I have had time to reflect on the game there are many things to be excited about in relation to Iowa State football 2006.  Here are a few of those things:


1. The play of true freshman Nate Frere and Rashawn Parker on the defensive line.  There guys went up against a Toledo offensive line that was one of the best in the country last year.  Frere rotated with Tuba and ended up with 3 tackles.  Parker had 5 tackles and made the two most important plays of the game late in the fourth quarter sacking Cochran on consecutive plays and keeping Toledo out of field goal range.

2. Iowa State’s defense against the run.  Last year Toledo averaged 217 yards per game on the ground, the Cyclones held them to 45 yards in a 3 OT game.

3.  The linebackers – In their first game as starters Alvin Bowen tallied 20 tackles and recovered a fumble and Tyrone McKenzie had 15 tackles, 2 TFL, a forced fumble and an interception.


1. Bret Meyer – I for one am excited that the coaching staff is getting Meyer more involved in the running game.  Meyer is an excellent runner as he showed last week against Toledo gaining 70 yards and scoring three rushing touchdowns.  It also signals to me that the coaching staff feels it can win with Arnaud if god forbid anything would happen to Bret.  Oh by the way Meyer threw for 234 yards and 2 TD too.

2. Offensive Line – Iowa State rushed for 159 yards.  That is the best performance on opening day in recent memory.

3. A healthy Stevie Hicks – Was it Stevie’s best performance? No, but it was nice seeing him healthy and he was impressive at times.  I still think it is in Iowa State’s best interest to give Scales and Johnson a few touches each week.

4. Todd Blythe – I know it, you know it, and hopefully the coaches know it.  Todd Blythe needs to get the ball more.  If there was a Big 12 draft, and I had the first pick and I could pick any player from any team, I would pick Todd Blythe.  He is the best playmaker in the conference.

Special Forces

1. Bret Culbertson – He is still perfect for his career on extra points and drilled his only FG attempt.

2. Josh Griebahn – I really admire Josh.  He lost his scholarship a while back, but he stuck it out and found a way to help the team.  His kickoffs were consistently inside the five yard line.

3. Ryan Baum – Baum broke a return of 39 yards in his only punt return attempt.

4. Drenard Williams – He didn’t do anything spectacular but he showed speed and athleticism on his two kickoff returns.

Hard Hats – It was great to see Jon Davis, Ryan Baum and Walter Nickel on the field.

Posted by Scott Fuller


One Response to “ISU -Toledo (Post Game Thoughts – 1 Week Later)”

  1. Craig Fan said

    I know Hicks will improve in each and every game if given the opportunity to have continual repetitions of carrying the ball. He had some thunderous blocks though…..and I think that gets missed in the tallies. GO IOWA STATE!

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