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ISU – Toledo (My Original Post Game Thoughts)

Posted by isuisu on September 7, 2006

When I was walking back to my car after Iowa State’s 3 OT victory over Toledo last Thursday night, a friend of mine asked me if I had to write a headline right now for the front page of the website how would it read?  I told him “No Killer Instinct”.

When did Iowa State miss its chance to stick a fork in the Rockets?  With 10:33 remaining in the fourth quarter and ISU leading 23-15.  The Cyclones had just made a huge play on defense,  Tyrone McKenzie forced Chris Hopkins to fumble and Alvin Bowen had recovered at the Toledo 45 yard line.

Toledo came out with 8 men in the box, leaving single coverage on ISU’s stellar Wide Receivers; basically daring the Cyclone’s to go for the kill shot.  Iowa State instead ran into the stacked front on first and second down and managed to lose one yard.  Meyer connected with RJ Sumrall for 18 yards to the Toledo 26 on third down to keep the drive alive.  The Cyclones then ran on the next three downs and gained only 5 yards setting up a 38 yard field goal attempt for Culbertson.  Matt Purvis sent the snap on the field goal attempt over Austin Flynn’s head, ending the Cyclones chance to put away the game and setting the stage for Toledo’s game tying drive.

I love Dan McCarney, probably to a fault, but his inability to deliver the kill shot late in games is one thing that consistently bothers me about him.  I completely understand what he and Barney Cotton were trying to do and I agree with them that we must be able to run the ball late in games to put away opponents, but if a team comes out and sells out to stop the run late in the game throw the ball and make them pay. 

Posted by Scott Fuller


4 Responses to “ISU – Toledo (My Original Post Game Thoughts)”

  1. Rastus said

    It is very important for our offense to get to the point where we can run the ball effectively even when the opponent is braced against the run. Be it in the red zone or on a fourth quarter drive with the lead. We are not there yet, but are closer. Wish they had #31 in there blocking or rushing when we go down this route.

  2. John said

    I couldn’t agree more with your call for going after the single coverage. I have not seen anyone that can cover Blythe one on one yet. I know a lot of Clone fans hated H. Fry, but you know darn well what he would have done in this situation: rush his offense on the field and go deep before the defense had a chance to settle in.

  3. isuisu said

    Thanks for the comments guys!

    Rastus – I really wish we would run more out of the I formation too. With Stevie Hicks and Ryan Kock it would seem to make alot of sense. It would be great if our offense was to the point where we could run the ball when they stack the box, but until we get to that point there is no point banging our heads into the wall over and over again.

    John – I hope Mac and Barney take advantage of this situation in the future, but I am not holding my breath.

  4. cydsho said

    ISUISU I totally agree with you. Not holding my breath on any changes. It’s not like we have a great power rushing lineup so why the stubbornness about being “slightly” agressive? If you have single coverage that is not really being agressive, that is taking what the defense gives you.

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