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Iowa State Football Visitors – January 13, 2007

Posted by isuisu on January 13, 2007

Iowa State will be hosting 8 football recruits this weekend. The following is a list of the scheduled visitors:

QB Phillip Bates 6-2, 189 lbs
Omaha, NE (North) – Iowa State commit

LB Anthony Green 6-0, 220 lbs
Missouri City, TX (Fort Bend Marshall) – Iowa State commit

WR Alex Sandvig 6-0, 168 lbs
West Des Moines, IA (Valley) – Iowa State commit

LB Curtiz Mathis 6-3, 215 lbs
Harvey, IL (Thornton Township)

CB Allen Bell 6-2, 190 lbs
Independence, KS (Independence CC) – Mississippi commit

OT Kelechi Osemele 6-5, 298 lbs
Houston, TX (Langham Creek) – UTEP commit

Chris Weir and David Anderson are also visiting. I don’ t have any information on these two at this time.


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Iowa State Head Football Coach – Gene Chizik

Posted by isuisu on November 28, 2006

Gene Chizik was named the head coach at Iowa State University earlier today. Chizik was one of the most sought after assistant coaches in the country.

Gene was the Defensive Coordinator / Assistant Head Coach for the 2005 Texas national championship team. In 2004 he was given the Broyles award for being the top assistant coach in the nation. Auburn was 13-0 that season and Chizik was the Defensive Coordinator for the top scoring defense in the country.

When the search began Jamie Pollard promised to hire a coach that would excite the fan base. Mission accomplished.

Greg Geoffrey and Jamie Pollard are committed to making the Cyclone football program one of the best in the country. The hiring of Gene Chizik and the commitment to raise the assistant coaches salaries to 1.5 million is all the proof I need.

Want to know more about the new Cyclone head coach? Here you go.

Gene Chizik
Age: 44
Wife: Jonna
Children: identical twin daughters Landry and Kennedy and son Cally
Hometown: Clearwater, FL
College: Florida 1985
Graduate Degree: Clemson 1991
Years in Coaching: 20

2006: Texas (9-3) Assistant Head Coach / Defensive Coordinator
Defense: Total Defense: 291.92 (23) Pass Defense: 233.08 (100) Rush Defense: 58.83 (2) Scoring Defense: 17.83 (26)

2005: Texas (13-0) National Champions, Assistant Head Coach / Defensive Coordinator
Defense: Total Defense: 302.92 (10) Pass Defense: 172.00 (8) Rush Defense: 130.92 (33) Scoring Defense: 16.38 (8)

2004: Auburn (13-0) Defensive Coordinator / Secondary Coach, Broyles Award (Top Assistant Coach)
Defense: Total Defense: 277.62 (5) Pass Defense: 173.46 (8) Rush Defense: 104.15 (12) Scoring Defense: 11.31 (1)

2003: Auburn (8-5) Defensive Coordinator / Secondary Coach
Defense: Total Defense: 281.62 (5) Pass Defense: 189.00 (23) Rush Defense: 92.62(7) Scoring Defense: 16.31 (9)

2002: Auburn (9-4) Defensive Coordinator / Secondary Coach
Defense: Total Defense: 328.15 (26) Pass Defense: 186.46 (26) Rush Defense: 141.69 (46) Scoring Defense: 17.77 (13)

2001: Central Florida (6-5) Defensive Coordinator / Secondary Coach
Defense: Total Defense: 307.36 (16) Pass Defense: 178.00 (15) Rush Defense: 129.36 (37) Scoring Defense: 18.55 (13)

2001: Central Florida (7-4) Defensive Coordinator / Secondary Coach
Defense: Total Defense: 323.82 (28) Pass Defense: 192.91 (23) Rush Defense: 130.91 (37) Scoring Defense: 20.09 (32)

1998-1999 Central Florida, Defensive Coordinator / Secondary Coach
1996-1997 Stephen F. Austin, Defensive Coordinator
1992-1995 Stephen F. Austin, Linebackers Coach
1990-1992 Middle Tennessee State, Defensive End Coach
1988-1989 Clemson, Graduate Assistant
1986-1988 Seminole High School, Defensive Coordinator / Inside Linebackers Coach

Defensive mastermind, a rising star in the coaching ranks, recruiting ties (Texas, Florida & Big 12 country), should assemble a top-notch coaching staff, young & ambitious, familiar with Big 12, WOW factor

Negatives: No head coaching experience, offense?

“Size is definitely overrated. Speed is the great equalizer.” Gene Chizik quote

“You’ve got to stop the run, be physical and then be solid in your coverage issues. You can’t let a team that throws it 70 times a game make you into a finesse team. You have to be physical.” Gene Chizik quote


Gene Chizik Presser Part I

Gene Chizik Presser Part II

myABC5: Gene Chizik Named Head Football Coach at ISU


Gene Chizik Bio

Gene Chizik Wikipedia

Learning the “Tampa Two” defense from Tony Dungy and Monte Kiffin

Gene Chizik Rivals Profile
Gene Chizik Quotable

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Coaching Search Profile: Brian Kelly – Central Michigan Head Coach

Posted by isuisu on November 25, 2006

Who is Brian Kelly? He is the current head football coach at Central Michigan that appears to be a front runner for the same job at Iowa State and Michigan State. Kelly’s Chippewas defeated Buffalo 55-28 earlier today. Central Michigan will play the Ohio Bobcats for the MAC Championship next Thursday.

Would you be excited to have him as the next head coach of the Iowa State Cyclones? Do you need to know more about him? We have you covered.


Brian Kelly
Age: 45
Hometown: Chelsea, Mass.
College: LB at Assumption College

2006 Record: 8-4 (7-1) MAC
Offense: Total Offense: 372.09 (38) Pass Offense: 238.27 (25) Rush Offense: 133.82 (61) Scoring Offense: 27.18 (39)
Defense: Total Defense: 353.55 (75) Pass Defense: 271.27 (84) Rush Defense: 136.27 (61) Scoring Defense: 23.64 (67)

Central Michigan records – 2004 (4-7), 2005 (6-5), 2006 (8-4) Overall record: (18-16)

Grand Valley State Overall record – (118-35-2) in 13 seasons
2002 Division II National Champions (14-0)
2003 Division II National Champions (14-1)
Had a 32 game winning streak in the final three seasons

Positives: Won two national championships, a rising star in the coaching ranks, runs a spread offense, has a good history developing quarterbacks, may open up recruiting in Michigan and Wisconsin, has recruited well in Florida, ISU probably isn’t a stepping stone

Negatives: No WOW factor, can he put together a quality BCS coaching staff?, can he recruit against the big boys?, can he get the running game going, 75th ranked defense doesn’t inspire confidence

Link: Brian Kelly Bio

Video: Brian Kelly Presser

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“I watched the tape and I saw a hold.”

Posted by isuisu on November 22, 2006

In Monday’s Des Moines register Missouri head coach Gary (Tinkel) Pinkel was quoted as saying “I just got a call from the (Big 12) conference office and Walt Anderson. He said that they clearly made a mistake on that play where (quarterback) Chase Daniel scored. He said to me, ‘We blew it.’ ”

He was referring to the 2 yard touchdown run that put the Tigers up 22-21 with 20 seconds left in the game this past Saturday at Jack Trice Stadium. Pinkel was visibly upset after offensive lineman Myron Wyrick was called for a holding penalty which nullified the TD. “I’ve been coaching 30 years, and I’ve never seen an offensive holding call inside the 2-yard line on a run play,” Pinkel said after the game.

What’s that? In 30 years of coaching you’ve never seen what? Well open your eyes and get a load of this…

Missouri's Wyrick hold Iowa State's McKenzie

“I watched the same tape,” McCarney said. “If an offensive lineman impedes the progress of a defender from making a play . . . I think it was a good call. It wasn’t like: ‘Here, let’s take care of Mac after 12 years in the Big 12.’”

“Holding is holding, grabbing is grabbing regardless where you are on the field. I watched the tape and I saw a hold.”

Well, I took the picture and I saw a hold too Mac. I’m not sure why the Big 12 office feels they need to apologize for apparently ‘blowing it’, when they didn’t. Maybe it saves them time if they just apologize for the calls they get right.

Later all!


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Seperated at Birth: Jay Norvell and Jackie Chiles

Posted by isuisu on November 21, 2006

Jay Norvell to Bret Meyer “I didn’t tell you to run the QB draw, who told you to run the QB draw?”

Jay NorvellJackie Chiles

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Iowa State Football Coaching Search

Posted by isuisu on November 21, 2006

Here are my top 15 choices to be the new head coach at Iowa State.

1. Gary Patterson – Head Coach (TCU)

Gary Patterson Bio

2006 record: (8-2) (4-2) MWC Background: DC TCU, DC New Mexico, Defense
2. Steve Kragthorpe – Head Coach (Tulsa)

Steve Kragthorpe Bio

2006 record: (7-4) (4-3)CUSA Background: OC Texas A&M, QB Coach Buffalo
Bills, Offense
3. Gene Chizik – Assistant Head Coach / DC (Texas)

Gene Chizik Bio

2006: 24th rated defense nationally Background: Auburn DC, Central Florida
DC, Defense
4. Bo Pelini – Defensive Coordinator (LSU)

Bo Pelini Bio

2006: Top rated defense nationally Background: Oklahoma DC, Nebraska DC,
5. Mark Dantonio – Head Coach (Cincinnati)

Mark Dantonio Bio

2006 record: (6-5) (3-3) Big East Background: DC Ohio State, Secondary Michigan
St, Defense
6. Brian Kelly – Head Coach (Central Michigan)

Brian Kelly Bio

2006 record: (7-4) (6-1) MAC Background: HC Grand Valley State, Balanced
7. Art Briles – Head Coach (Houston)

Art Briles Bio

2006 record: (9-3) (7-1) CUSA Background: Texas Tech RB, Offense
8. Phil Bennett – Head Coach (SMU)

Phil Bennett Bio

2006 record: (6-5) (4-3) CUSA Background: DC Kansas State, DC Texas A&M,
9. Frank Solich – Head Coach (Ohio)

Frank Solich Bio

2006 record: (8-3) (6-1) MAC Background: HC Nebraska, RB Nebraska, Offense
10. Jim Harbaugh – Head Coach (San Diego)

Jim Harbaugh Bio

2006 record: (10-0) (7-0) Pioneer Background: Offensive Consultant Western
Kentucky, Offense
11. Paul Chryst – Offensive Coordinator (Wisconsin)

Paul Chryst Bio

2006: 26th ranked offense Background: OC Oregon State, TE San Diego Chargers,
12. Jay Norvell – OC (Nebraska)

Jay Norvell Bio

2006: 9th rated offense nationally Background: Tight Ends Raiders, ISU QB’s
and WR’s, Offense
13. Steve Loney – OL Coach (Arizona Cardinals)

Steve Loney Bio

2006: ranked last in rushing offense Background: OC/OL Minnesota Vikings,
OC/OL ISU, Offense
14. Mike Price – Head Coach (UTEP)

Mike Price Bio

2006 record: (5-6) (3-4) CUSA Background: HC Washington State, Offense
15. Tim Brewster – TE Coach (Denver Broncos)

Tim Brewster Bio

Background: TE Coach Chargers, TE Coach (Texas, UNC), Offense

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It’s A Great Time To Be A Cyclone!

Posted by isuisu on November 17, 2006

Or is it? As one of the many die-hard Cyclone fans, am I expected to buy into all it seems we have left: our belief in Jamie Pollard’s skills and the dreaded four letter word that most fans cling to at all times, the ultra-motivator known as ‘hope’?

Are we really headed in the right direction as an athletic program, with elite status and national attention being the norm, or is this just another detour on the long path of disappointment we as Cyclone fans have experienced over the years?

I’ll address these questions in a second, but first I’d like to thank Dan McCarney, and all of the past coaches who have patrolled the sidelines over the years for Iowa State (in all sports), for their service to the fans and for helping to establish the current status of the Iowa State athletic programs.

Most of the time, coaches who move on are forgotten within a few months of their leaving. Contrary to popular belief, a coach doesn’t have to win every game or five national championships to have an extraordinary affect on a program for years into the future.

Heck, with no Jim Walden, there’s no Troy Davis. Take T.D. out of our football history and what do we have? I’ll save that discussion for another time.

By the way, it’s not a coincidence I used Mac’s mantra as the title of this article. It’s seems pretty ironic, that what might just be the best time ever to be a Cyclone (remember hope), it goes on without Mac as the football coach.

I won’t forget.

But for now, it’s time to focus on the future. And if you haven’t already, it’s time to hop on the J.P. bandwagon, because if his current plan works, you’ll need a Corvette to catch it. If a complete overhaul is what it takes to get us to the next level, then g..g..g…iddy up!

CAELReally, what is there not to like?

Our wrestling program is now in the hands of the most successful wrestler in NCAA history in Cael Sanderson. He’s only been an assistant for a few years, but how could we let the second coming of Dan Gable slip away again? Well, we couldn’t. I’m not saying Cael is the coach that Dan is or was, I’m just saying I have hope he can be someday.

GMACAs one Mac is on his way out, another is beginning his legacy. Basketball’s head man is the new BMC (Big Mac on Campus). He comes from a successful stint at UNI and is the hard working, no-nonsense, do your job or sit on the bench type of coach this program has needed the last few years. Greg McDermott gives me hope too.

Bring in a football coach with similar attributes and we may be onto something.

Now for the bad news. Hold on tight for this one. Here I go again. As much as I like Jamie and Cael and Greg, it all comes down to what we do as fans to support the current programs. It’s time for us fans to reach down and embrace hope and belief like never before.

Are you kidding me?


You see, in order to get superior student athletes that are going to take our sports programs to the next level, we need to have a few things, including great coaches, facilities and fans. Let’s just assume for a second that we do indeed have, or will soon have, great coaches.

How about facilities?

While we’re probably not the bottom of the barrel, I’ve never seen a College GameDay feature on our 15 acre weight room. Facilities come from a plan and funding to execute that plan.

POLLARDJamie has put the plan in place, now it’s up to us to do our part to make it happen. Your part may just be to come to one game or one meet next year. Or you could be the one to donate a couple million dollars (I wish I were that one). We all just need to do our part.

As I write this article, I’m also preparing for my semi-monthly road trip back to Ames for the final football game of the year against Missouri. It’s my one last chance to watch Dan and the 2006 Cyclones in action. I’m excited, mad, glad and sad all at the same time.

I’ll be leaving Atlanta, where I currently live, on Thursday afternoon in my ’94 Accord. I hope to be back in Iowa by sometime Friday evening. I’ve only missed one home game this year. It’s the least I can do to support my beloved Cyclones.

Some of you are probably wondering why I would drive half-way across the country to cheer on a 3-8 squad with a lame-duck head coach. Well, because I have the hope and belief that this program will survive and succeed far beyond this season.

How much hope and belief do you have?


P.S. We’ll see you at the game!

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Mike Lacey – Letter to the Gridiron

Posted by isuisu on November 3, 2006

The following is a must-read from Cyclone Gridiron Club President Mike Lacey.

Cyclone Football…….
……needs you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Evening Gridiron,

As they say…..”when the going gets tough, the tough get going”……and it is time for all loyal Cyclone football fans to get going and to “circle the wagons”. 

I don’t believe, for one moment, there is anyone who is more loyal to Cyclone Football than the members of the Cyclone Gridiron Club.  Why do we belong to this Club?  We belong because we love football.  We belong because we want football at Iowa State to succeed and to thrive. And I believe the members of the CGC will do everything they can to help make this happen and especially by showing their support for the young men of Cyclone Football.  This team, like all Cyclone teams, are entitled to your total suport.  They deserve no more and they deserve no less!!!!. 

You and I know that these young  men want to win as much as, and probably more than, any of us.  They play their hearts out, and they give their all, including their bodies, for their team, for you and for all Cyclone fans each and every week.

Have you ever heard of another team that has 3 starting receivers AND the starting running back sidelined at the same time?  Then throw in a season ending injury to one of the best defensive backs in the league.  Add to that all of the early season injuries to a young defense.  Luck is not on our side.  But loyalty is!!!!  

We can’t control injuries, we can’t control a schedule which has us playing some of the best teams in the country who have more money for football than we have in our total budget.  We can’t control the weather.  But we can control ourselves.  We can control what we say to others.  We can control how we act.

Now is not the time to sit back and do nothing.  Now is not the time to “boo” when something happens you do not like.  I firmly believe that if a fan is booing his or her team then that fan needs to find another past time.  If you are booing the coaches who hears you?  It is more than the coaches.  It is the players and it is everyone who can hear a TV sports report and who can read a newspaper. 

I truly believe that the one thing true Cyclones fans have is class and I believe the members of the Gridiron Club have as much class as anyone.   Leave the negative to the “band wagon” supporters and the so-called “fans” of other Universities.  You would not belong to this Club if you did not have more substance than a band wagon supporter.  

Now is not the time to sit home on game day because your team has not won as many games as you would like.  Now is not the time to be critical of your coaches.  If you think the coaches need to go, save that for the end of the season and talk to someone who can make a difference.  Don’t just complain to those who happen to be around you.

A Gridiron Club is not for the fair weather times.  The true need for a Gridiron Club is when the chips are down and the day is getting darker.  NOW IS OUR TIME!!!  Let’s do everything in our power to help our team win these last 3 games.  They deserve our utmost support!!  YOU ARE GRIDIRON.  YOU ARE LEADERS!!!  LET’S SHOW IT THIS SATURDAY AND EVERY FOOTBALL SATURDAY!! 




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Iowa State – Kansas (Game Breakdown)

Posted by isuisu on November 3, 2006

Iowa State Offense vs Kansas Defense / Kansas Offense vs Iowa State Defense
Iowa State Special Forces vs Kansas Special Teams / Overall Breakdown
Overall Breakdown:
Iowa State Cyclones

Kansas Jayhawks
  24 Scott’s Prediction


Iowa State Offense vs. Kansas Defense

Iowa State will move the ball on the Jayhawk defense, but can they get the ball in the endzone? The Cyclones managed only 10 points last week on 384 yards of offense. ISU must protect Bret Meyer better if they are going to win this game. Kansas State dropped Meyer six times last week and the Cyclones have allowed 29 sacks on the season.
Slight Advantage:

Kansas Offense vs. Iowa State Defense

The Jayhawks offense has a big advantage over Iowa State’s defense. Kansas has averaged nearly 28 points per game on offense this season and Iowa State has given up at least 28 points in every Big 12 game. Jon Cornish should easily get 100 yards this weekend and he may even approach 200. Kansas has been sloppy with the ball so Iowa State may have a chance at some turnovers.
Heavy Advantage:

Iowa State Special Forces vs. Kansas Special Teams

ISU and Kansas are fairly even in special teams play. The Cyclones punt return team had a major breakdown last week and the result was an easy touchdown for Kansas State. It was a huge momentum swing in the game and Iowa State was unable to recover. A big play on special teams could decide this game as well and I think KSU will make it.
Slight Advantage:

Iowa State Cyclones vs. Kansas Jayhawks

Turnover Margin
Iowa State: minus 5
Kansas: minus 5

It seems like every week I predict the Cyclone offense will finally break out and score some points. Not this week. I have been fooled too many times, 8 to be exact. Iowa State should be able to throw the ball against one of the worst pass defenses in the country, but the Cyclones will struggle to move the ball on the ground and Bret Meyer will be on his back too often for ISU to score points. Kansas should have no trouble moving the ball on the ground and their quarterback (whoever it is) will no doubt complete at least 75% of his passes. Iowa State must be plus 2 in the turnover battle to have a shot in this game.

Get to the game and support the team!

Go Cyclones!

Overall Advantage:

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Next Three Opponents Passing Woes

Posted by isuisu on October 28, 2006

With the loss of Deandre Jackson, Iowa State is starting a very young secondary. Graham Harrell threw for 368 yards and 6 touchdowns last week against this inexperienced secondary. Chris Singleton, Drenard Williams, Jason Harris, James Smith and Caleb Berg should get some relief the next three weeks. Check out the stats the next three opponents quarterbacks put up last week

Kansas State – QB Josh Freeman 5-19, 63 yards, 0 TD, 2 INT

Kansas – QB Kerry Meier 6-11, 62 yards, 1 TD

Colorado – QB Bernard Jackson 3-14, 39 yards, 0 TD, 1 INT

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